About us

"Mini Molars Cambodia" (MMC) is a registered non-profit charity in Germany/UK.

MMC was established in 2015, to give Cambodian people the opportunity to develop a sustainable oral health program, targeting the most impoverished children in and around Phnom Penh.

MMC works closely with the Buddhist Association and Development Non-Government Organisation. These organisations help in assisting MMC to provide essential oral health information for the local community.

MMC is a humanitarian programme which delivers basic, but essential dental services to a wide range of children from all backgrounds. These include orphans, vulnerable children, street/garbage dump children.

In Cambodia, many children are unable to access the most basic of oral health instruction/care.

By the time a child reaches five years old in Cambodia, they can have around 5-10 teeth which show advanced decay. Many have experienced extreme pain at some point, along with infection.

We aim to launch a MMC clinic along side the "Buddhist Association Development Centre". This is an area which suffers from extreme poverty and unfortunately has a lot of waste garbage disposal dumped in the area. 

Angbodhinheng Pagoda

39MC, street 371

Sangkat Stong Meanchy 
Kan Meanchy
Phnom Penh