Mini Molars Cambodia e.V.


Dear Friends,Oral health and Medical health care workers and Teachers.


For those of you who have not already met me, my name is Sombo Zuschlag and I currently live and work in Germany. Prior to this, I worked from 2005 to 2013 as a Clinical Director for an organisation which offered free Oral Health Care for orphaned children in Cambodia.

Although I am currently living in Germany, continuing this kind of work for my country is an important personal endeavour for me. I am currently working on an exciting new Oral Health Care Project. "Mini Molars Cambodia"

This non-profit charity organisation (NGO) was established in January 2015, to give Cambodian people the opportunity to develop a sustainable oral health program, targeting the most impoverished children in and around Phnom Penh. In 2018 we treated more than 5.000 children.

In August 2015, I travelled out to Phnom Penh to launch our first oral health project (NGO) in a very impoverished area near the pagoda. The area suffers from extreme poverty and is a dumping ground for waste garbage disposal. When we arrived, the need for oral health care was overwhelming. We desperately need your help to develop this worthwhile project.

Donations can be money, dental materials/equipment or even your valuable knowledge/skills.

There is an opportunity to travel to Phnom Penh and see what we do for the children. We are looking for Dental Volunteers (young and old) therapists/hygienists and oral health educators.

The children and the community will benefit enormously with your help and volunteering,


Kind Regards.